I know I am a little late to the Chemex party, but wow.

I impulse bought a Chemex at World Market for 25% off because I heard about the clean and almost tea like cup it produces, and I am bad with my money.

My previous pourover was a Starbucks ceramic #4, which was flow restricted and didn’t allow for much experimentation, plus I had to balance it on whatever cup I wanted to use atop my scale.




First Brew

I chose to use a blonde roast from Starbucks for my first time brewing on the Chemex. I used 30G of ground coffee ground on my Baratza Encore on setting 21 and heated up my kettle to 200F. A couple of minutes and 18oz of water later, I had a beautiful clean and crisp cup that was very tea like. No overwhelming acidity or oils. I’m very impressed.